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Q and A: Meet Jameboy: All things sexuality, social media and music!

i am joined today with my gorgeous friend aka Jameboy, i reached out to him and asked him if he would like to be a part of this series. He used to do youtube, he sings and is on social media, perfect right?


Q:Hello, first of all, thank you for agreeing to do this- first of all tell me about yourself? (name, what you do etc)


A: jameboyy/James … what i do irl? or on youtube? haha i haven’t posted for a few years now but i used to make song covers & topical vlog-style talking videos.

Q:When you used to do youtube, what do you think your niche was in the youtube world?

A: I don’t think I really had one to be honest! There was noting particularly unique about my content, I’d definitely say that my personality is quite unique though!

Q:Safe to say, you haven’t published in 2 years, what’s the reasoning behind you not uploading to youtube?

A: Initially it was a lack of confidence that just let me to trail off from it, but then I just never seemed to regain my interest to post!

Q:Do you think you will ever get back into youtube and if so what would you be uploading?

A: I can imagine myself posting again, maybe covers? Aside from that, I really don’t know… I’d be up for anything, I just have no creative interest in posting!

Q:When watching youtube videos, i love to watch vlogs, probs cause i’m nosy lol, what are your favourite videos to watch on youtube and w

A: I’m mildly OBSESSED with makeup videos despite not wearing makeup! 

Q:What would be your advice to someone starting out in the youtube world?

A: Don’t ask yourself what you SHOULD be doing, do what feels 

Q:Of course, you’re a very talented singer, what made you start singing?


A: I was super shy as a kid / teen / young adult, but i used to sing in my bedroom whenever my parents were out! 

Q:Have you ever wrote a song about a personal experience, and are you able to give us a preview of that song- maybe sum it up?

A: I have written one song, yes! It’s definitely very personal and is almost too private&personal to explain… which kinda defeats the object of writing a song, i guess? haha

Social media:

Q: In the social media world, it can get negative- how do you not go into a negative bubble on social media?

A: I feel as though i’ve never really accepted negativity from social media into my life. I see it as a completely separate entity to real life & interactions and don’t take comments/behaviour too seriously on social media

Q: Social media is very addictive as well, what do you do to switch off of it completely?

A: i don’t, lol

Q: I am loving your theme on insta- very aesthetic- how do you choose your theme on instagram?

A: That’s really kind, thank you! I really love that vintage, disposable-camera type look so i try and edit them all to match!

Q: Of course, there’s a whole stigma around instagram, body positive etc, what do you think the pros and cons of instagram are?

A: Being someone who has grown up using photoshop & has worked with image retouching, I’m very aware that imagery across social media is completely skewed from reality and exactly HOW each image been skewed. It’s important to understand that peoples’ bodies do not look as we see on social media, and to also understand that those peoples’ bodies do not look like that 100% of the time. I appreciate that it’s difficult to NOT get a body complex when such toned bodies are strewn across instagram so regularly, but I just have to remind myself what a real body looks like… and there’s conveniently always one in the mirror.

Favourite social media app and why?

A: Possibly instagram… that’s definitely my favourite to post on! But despite not posting on youtube, I still watch a TON of content!


Q: So, you are very open and honest in terms of your sexuality- why do you think it is important to talk about the LGBT+ community?

A: I think it’s incredibly important for LGBTQIA+ people to be open about their sexuality on social media as way to normalise LGBTQIA+ presence. However, for some people, their sexuality is not something they think/talk about in their day-to-day lives, or perhaps romantic/sexual relationships are something they keep private from all. Considering this (as well as countless other points), no LGBTQIA+ individual should feel they NEED to be open about their orientation/identification on a socially public scale.

Q: I personally believe that we don’t come out as straight, so i think it should be so normal with whatever sexuality you define yourself as, doesn’t change who you are, for people who may not feel so confident about ‘coming out’ or accept them for who they are, what would be your best advice?

A: i just hope one day there are no labels, and no need for specific definition. i hope everyone can one day love themselves & each other without the need to justify feelings with labels.

Q: People who aren’t as accepting towards sexuality, what would be your advice to that person if they want to seek help?

A: if it is someone you know, who isn’t accepting towards YOUR sexuality, i would say that there is no way for you to force acceptance into another person. continue to live your life without them and in your own happy way. people must want to accept on their own, and oftentimes the best way to do that is for them to see you living your happy life, from afar.

Q: what are your plans for 2019- any goals you want to achieve?

A: i have an incredibly lazy streak to me, which holds me back from achieving many things in my personal life/career. i aim to continue fighting my inner laziness and achieve some of those personal/work goals!

Q: Finally, what can we expect to hear from you in the future?


A: hehe i don’t know what you’ll HEAR, but for definite I’ll be posting lots more BEZZIE pics on instagram 

Thank you so much to James for getting involved with this meet the q and a series!

Amy x
Check him out here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jameboyy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jameboyy/?hl=en

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