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My Christmas Party Essentials! Blogmas Day 9

Hi guys

Today, i am going to be talking about my Christmas Party essentials, i love going to parties and Christmas is my favourite time of year, so here are my top essentials for a Christmas Party!

  • Food: Of course food is the most important thing! I love a good spread of Christmas foods such as picky bits and the desert such as mince pies, Christmas pudding, crackers and cheese etc..
  • Drinks: Bar carts are the new rage now. You can add yours and your guests favourite drinks to the bar cart, but also you can get your guests to bring their own drinks so you don’t forget anything! From a range of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, i done a blog post on cocktails you can make, so let me know if you decide to make any of them. Having a range can make your guests very happy
  • Christmas party playlist: defiantly important when hosting a Christmas party playlist, a bit of spotify to keep the tunes playing all evening! At the end of the night, to get the party started throw a few of the old cheesy classics on!
  • Games: I love a good games night, call me boring! But the classic games are the best, having a good games night is bound to cause some laughs!
  • decorations: These are the most important things whilst hosting a Christmas party- you could do a theme such as gold and white, silver and gold etc.. It just adds a nice touch to the party.
  • Photo booth: You can have a photo booth to add to the memories or maybe have some reusable cameras so people can cherish their memories. Have some props and a nice backdrop to take some photos. Tell your guests what hashtag to use so you can share your memories together!

Are you having a Christmas party, what are your party essentials?

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