What i love about Blogmas: Day 16

Hi Guys, welcome to Day 16 of Blogmas. We are over half way until Christmas and Blogmas, so here are my highlights of Blogmas

Creating new content:

I love creating new content, and when you are creating new content, for everyday, it does get hard, to think of new content, but the high’s defiantly out weigh the lows. Seeing comments and people’s feedback makes me so happy, and being able to create content and exploring other topics, is what i enjoy doing.

Meeting new bloggers: Loads of bloggers do Blogmas, and i am so happy. I love reading/commenting on other people’s posts and supporting them. I love being able to speak to new bloggers, as i feel like every blogger, small and big, defiantly need support. We are able to inspire and encourage people to keep on blogging!

Christmas: I love talking all things Christmas, so being able to share my love of Christmas is so exciting. I also enjoy blogging, so adding my 2 passions together, is very exciting and it makes me so happy knowing that people are reading and sharing my love of Christmas.

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