Christmas Morning Routine. Blogmas Day 17

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to Blogmas day 17, today i wanted to do my Christmas morning routine,

  1. I wake up around 8/8.30pm, (when i was younger, i used to wake up at like 6 haha), i would then go into the living room, where all of the presents would be under the tree, i would probably watch a bit of telly, sometimes i’m the first one up, so i would wait until everyone is awake.
  2. We all sit around the Christmas tree, and i love giving presents to people and seeing their reactions, so we would open our presents one by one, the youngest first, would be my brother, me and then my Mum. I love being all together when we open our presents.
  3. Breakfast: I love a Christmas morning breakfast. We have a buffet type breakfast where we have: smoked salmon, eggs, toast, pastries. We also have some juice and some champagne to have a toast to Christmas 2019.
  4. After Breakfast, we wash up, tidy up, and then i would have a shower and get ready for the festivities of the day. I would straighten my hair, put some nice clothes on and wear a bit of makeup.
  5. Family: so this year it will be us 3 and my Grandad for Christmas day, i think my cousin may be coming round Christmas night, but i am unsure. Christmas day tends to be a small gathering and somethings Christmas night, we will go to my godmothers. Boxing day, i will see my Dad’s side of the family, there’s so many of them, so we will go to my aunties to celebrate our Christmas there!
  6. Dinner: We tend to eat our christmas dinner at around 2:00/3:00. and of course have turkey and all the veg! Then we will have mince pies, Christmas cake.
  7. Movie time: We love watching movies together, it makes me feel so festive. Cosying up with a blanket after eating so much- probably will sneak some chocolates in whilst watching a movie, and have a good ol Christmas nap haha!
  8. This year, Gavin and Stacey Christmas special is on, i am so excited! I will defiantly be watching that!!
  9. Bath: I will have a bath and use the Christmas products i have received. Probably watch a good ol netflix movie and just chill pout
  10. After that, i will put some PJ’s on, spend some more time with my family, maybe have a hot choc!
  11. Goodnight…

What is your Christmas day routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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