MY REFLECTION ON 2019 Blogmas Day 18:

Hi Guys, welcome back to Blogmas day 18!

I wanted to do a reflection on 2019, there have been some highs and lows:


How exciting, at the start of this year, i didn’t have a job, i quit, because of mental health issues and my own health. I needed to take care of myself. Fat forward to February/March time, i started working for Opaque talent agency, doing accommodation for their acts etc. I also started doing photography at a local zoo to me, photographing people’s experiences in August shortly after my holiday. I have until February off, so i am doing one of my dream jobs. Freelance writing for Essentially pop, that i also hope to carry on with, when i go back. I love writing and being able to write all things music, interviewing up and coming talent, is all so exciting to me! After a rocky start to 2019, i feel like everything is falling into place job wise and my health is defiantly on the up. Most recent post for essentially pop here


Talking about health, my cysts came back on my ovaries, major bummer! was in constant agony majority of the time, i am now under a gynaecologist for that issue. My seizures became more frequent towards the beginning/end of this year, my neurologist making a decision to up my medication, and my mental health was very rocky. I am now under a counsellor for that too, and i feel like i am getting somewhere with my mental health, i feel more at ease, when talking to someone. I feel very lucky with the people that are helping me.

Meeting new friends:

I met Liv and Dom this year (even managed to see Liv twice). I feel very lucky to have friends like them around me, they are so supportive and being able to meet them, was my goal for this year. I also vlogged that day of seeing Liv and Dom and we had the best time!So many memories. We have also planned to see eachother in 2020 with a trip to London in February with Han and Jess also!

Finding out that Amy is having a baby boy was such a beautiful moment, I can’t wait to meet bubba!!

Old friend..

Me and Tia are now friends again! I am so happy to have Tia back in my life, we drifted for about 2 years and to have her back in my life is just amazing. She’s been one of my best friends for a long time, and even when we weren’t talking, I wished her nothing but the best. To have her back in my life in 2019 topped it off for me, such a dear friend, genuine and beautiful girl! Makes me proud All the time to call her one of my besties🥰


I have been fortuante to go on 2 holidays this year. I love being on Holiday and creating memories with my family. In May we had a week to the hotel we go to mostly every year and then 2 weeks in August, it was so much fun. Seeing people you have known for so long was lovely and creating memories on holiday is my fave thing to do, always laughing. We are going to Brussels on the day after this goes up, to the Christmas markets, of course will be vlogging that, i am so excited! A new place i have never been too.


For my mental health and physical health, exercise is the main priority in my life. I love exercising from home, as the thought of using a gym makes me so anxious. I follow Lucy Wyndham Read workouts, they are so fun, and she even has some zumba ones up! I was looking back at photos from the start of the year (i will insert some) and i have lost quite a bit of weight, i am so happy, and it has helped me not only physically but mentally.

Start of 2019 v end of 2019:

Blogging and youtube:

I have fallen in love with blogging and youtube again. I have found my hobby that i enjoy. I tend to fall out of love with blogging and youtube quite a bit, but 2019 has been such a successful blogging year for me. I love it. I think also essentially pop have inspired me with my blog too, writing Articles for them and interviewing some lovely people such as United Vibe, New Gen, Chase etc, has helped me with my confidence so much.


since losing weight, talking to a counsellor and doing phone call interviews, i feel so much more confident. I was quite shy, but i have realised, having the right people around me and exercising, is where my confidence has peaked. I Feel more confident and at ease with myself!

I love looking back at the highs and lows of 2019 and i can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for me!

Let me know how your 2019 has gone!x

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