Blogmas 2019

A-Z Of Christmas: Blogmas Day 19:

Hello, and welcome to Blogmas Day 19! I am going to be doing an A-Z Christmas tag kinda thing!
A-Angel: I always have an angel on top of my bedroom Christmas tree!
B-Brussel sprouts- It’s always a tradition to have Brussel sprouts on Christmas- but i really don’t like them ew!
D-Driving Home for Christmas: This is one of my favourite Christmas songs!
E- Everyone together: This is the time of year to bring everyone together! Family and friends!
F- Father Christmas: Father Christmas, the one who brings you presents right?
G- Giving: I love giving gifts! I love being able to give back to charities as well, so i sometimes do the reverse advent calendars!
H- Holly: i always hang a piece of holly around the house somewhere!

I: Icicles: I always have some icicle decorations hanging around somewhere!

J: Jumpers: Who has a Christmas jumper they love to wear! Hands up now!
K: Kindness: I feel Christmas is a time where everyone is kind to one another!
L: Lights: Everywhere in the house has some lights, the lights are super pretty and make everyone so happy and everywhere festive!
M: Mince pies: I love a good ol’ mince pie!
N: Naughty or nice: What list are you on this year?
O: Overeating: This is defiantly what i do over the Christmas period. It’s the best bit!
P: Presents: Presents are everywhere, i love presents!
Q-Queen’s speech: We watch the Queen’s speech every year at Christmas!
Reindeer: At the Christmas market’s i always love seeing the reindeers, they’re so cute!
S- Stockings: Me and my brother always get a stocking filled with little things such as sweets, chocolate, bath bombs!
T- Tinsel: Tinsel is just a must at Christmas isn’t it?
U- Under the mistletoe: Who will you be kissing under the mistletoe😉
V-visitors: Lot’s of visitors over the Christmas holiday’s 
W-White Christmas: I really hope we get a white Christmas this year, we haven’t had one in so long!
X-Xmas: Just another word for Christmas!
Y- Yummy: Lot’s of yummy food around:)
Z- Zzzz: Lot’s of children waiting for Santa to come!

What do you love about Christmas?

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