1. Family: I love spending time with my family anyway and getting to spend time with family over Christmas is even more special. On Christmas Day we tend to go out to dinner with my Mum’s family and it is so lovely. On Boxing day we go to my Dad’s sister’s house and have some food and present opening time! Spending time with family is so lovely and we create the best memories.
2. Ice-skating: I am clumsy i know! But i love ice-skating. Ice-skating is one of my favourite things to do and makes me feel super Christmassy. I love the ice-skating centre near me as  they have such a lovely rink and do the best hot chocolate!
3. Christmas markets: How festive can you get with Christmas Markets. I love the ones in London as they have such lovely markets and beautiful food. I tend to get a lot of gifts as they come personalised from the markets. I also adore Winter Wonderland as it gets me into the Christmas mood and is super cute! I am currently at Brussels Christmas markets as you’re reading this!!!
4. Decorations; I love having Christmas decorations up around the house. Tinsel, tree, lights, and baubles. It is super cute. It makes me feel so warm and festive!
5. Panto: Who doesn’t love a good panto! A tradition of ours is to go to a pantomime on Christmas eve and after we would get fish and chips! the best type of Christmas eve. I love the banter and festiveness it provides!
6. Baking; I love baking at Christmas time! I always find there is so many things you can bake at Christmas time. Gingerbreads, cakes, biscuits, cupcakes and the list is endless.
7. MOVIES: Aren’t Christmas movies just the best? I love the Christmas movies such as elf, mickey’s christmas, home alone, love actually, the grinch and scrooge! best thing ever right? 
8. Food: I love food anyway, but quality street and roses, i’m sold. I love having the amazing Christmas dinner and i find at Christmas time, there’s always an excuse to eat more junk!
See you tomorrow for another Blogmas,

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