Christmas eve routine! Blogmas Day 24

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Hi Guys, welcome to Christmas Eve!!!

How exciting!

This is my christmas eve routine!

Takeaway: So, every year we always have a takeaway and bring it back home and sit in front of the TV watching a Christmas film and just spending some time together before the big day

Pyjamas: I always have Christmassy PJ’s for Christmas eve. A fresh set of PJ’S are my faves! I love having festive pyjamas on, as it makes me feel more festive. 

Lush Christmas bath: On Christmas Eve, I always have a lush Christmas bath. I opt for either Christmas sweater or Christmas cracker. I love having a bath to feel clean and unwind. I love feeling sparkly and clean to get into my new pyjamas. 

pamper: I love having a pamper evening on Christmas eve. I use my body butters to moisturise and i always wash my hair.

Watch Christmas films: I love watching Christmas films with family on Christmas eve. I tend to go for Elf or love actually. I love having a blanket and a hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

Facetime: I tend to always facetime my friends to wish them merry Christmas. I love face timing my friends especially on Christmas eve!

Put stockings out: We put our stockings on our doors and just get ready for the next day.

SLEEP TIME: i like getting to sleep quite early on Christmas Eve!

Let me know your Christmas eve routine!

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