January 2020: My fave youtubers to watch!

I have been loving watching youtube at the moment, as i find it so relaxing and also gives me content ideas for my own channel, which you can watch here:

Georgia Birch:

As always, i love watching her content. Her content is so pretty and relaxing to watch. She seems like such a down to earth girl and she has recently hit 1,000 subscribers! She puts so much work into her filming and editing which i love!

Tasha Glaysher:

Again, such an amazing person. She deserves SO many more subscribers than she’s on right now. Tasha has such a lovely vibe about her. Her recent video actually got me all teary!!

Channon Mooney:

My type of vibeee. Her current playlist is such a jam and she again creates so much amazing content, that when you do watch her videos, you just want to binge them all. She is currently sitting on 959 subscribers, let’s get her to 1,000!!

Lucy Fletcher:

Another creative and talented youtuber. She is such a lovely person. She recently done a room tour and i literally fell in love with her room, v jealous!!

Brooke Megan:

I have watched Brooke for quite a long time and love the content. It’s never samey samey, she switches it up. Her hauls make me broke so thanks gal xo. But i love the way she connects with her audience, actual adore herrr!!Her recent video will make you positive af!

Katie Elgey:

One of the newest people i have been watching. Again, she is so pretty and i actual adore her content. She recently done a January favourites, and some of them are literally on my Jan Faves too!!

Liv Grace:

Another talented content creator! I love her content she produces as they’re fresh and just easy to watch, which is my fave kind of content to watch! Have fun on your city break gal!

Lana M:

Again, love Lana’s videos! At 14, her videos are amazing and i just adore them so much. She is on 207 subscribers and deserves way more! From her content to her editing i love her!

Beth southwood:

Again, pretty gal, pretty insta feed, pretty youtube content. She done a day int he life of a cocker spainel and let me tell you 1) how original 2) i need a dog in my life, so thanks Beth xo

Alfie Nicholls:

thriving!!! Thriving the youtube game, at 4.87k subscribers, content is banging. The consistency is where i wanna be at, loved the recent video!!

sharna Jaide:

Again watched her for quite a short time, but i binged all her videos when i saw her! I love her positivity of her channel and she supports everyone. I just adore her!


Love them gals, always included in my fave youtubers because they are actually so funny. Honestly, the youtube version of Ant+Dec, they just bounce off of each other, and just brilliant content to watch. Their ‘tiktok dances’ video i watched was SO funny, it kept me so entertained:

Lidia Baylis Zullo:

You may recognise the name, as it is Cinzia’s sister. She is thriving with her youtube channel, i adore her channel so much. She is such a spirit animal and her frikkin makeup, love! I love light hearted content and that’s what her channel is:

Selina Ozay:

Another one of my faves. I found her when she was doing her study vlogs and she kept me so motivated during coursework at college times, honestly she is the most hardworking person and never gives up on anything!

Olivia Neill:

Hilarious. Ireland’s version of Emma Chamberlain. Honestly if you love watching Emma, watch Olivia, she is brilliant. She cracks me up so much in her videos:

Beauty spectrum:

An OG fave, Molly has recently gone to Australia and i’m jealous! Her insta stories are just beautiful, but Molly’s channel is one of my faves. Her and her boyfriend Tom, are the cutest:


Again, amazing couple. They’ve currently moved house, and as i am moving soon, giving me inspo for the house. The decor is beautiful and they are just portraying real life of moving out. The house is so beautiful though and i can’t wait to see the final reveal.

A big ol’ youtube faves today, i hope you have enjoyed and find any content creators you may like!

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