Tips for working from home and getting things done!

Hi Guys,

so a lot of businesses are allowing people to work from home where it is applicable. These are my tips for working from home and actually getting sh*t done:


Get up at the time you usually get up for work and pretend like you are actually going into the office. Have a shower and get dressed- don’t stay in your PJ’s as you will feel less productive if you are slouching around in your PJ’S. Eat breakfast and then set up your day

Write a to do list:

what have you got to do for the day? Write a to do list of all the important tasks at the top and get them done, you can create a schedule if you like, of when you want to get things done by what time.


this is so important. When you are in the office- you have a time when you sign in and sign out of the office- keep this. Make sure to start at a time you usually start at and finish at the time you roughly finish. Make sure to turn work emails off and notifications about work as you will start to overwork as you are in the luxury of your own home. Define what hours you want to work and stick to them hours.

Lunch breaks:

you still need lunch breaks. Take a 30 mins/hour lunch break where you have a nice lunch, where you take time out for yourself. Leave anything work related until after lunch- as let’s be honest at work you don’t look at your work on your lunch do you?

Pick a workspace:

Make sure your workspace is not in your bedroom, in your bed or on the sofa. The mind can get confused as your bedroom/on the sofa is your relaxing space. You are more likely to be productive if you work at a desk or on the kitchen table. Separate your bed from work, as this is your relaxing space and if you are working from your bed- it’ll make you sometimes not actually sleep as it associates bed with work.

Don’t do household chores randomly throughout the day, since it can get distracting. Instead, schedule a specific time for them.

Facetime your friends/family:

After work perhaps call or facetime your friends or family to make sure that you are still getting some social interaction as it can get a bit boring working from home.

Be in regular contact with your team:

Some businesses are setting work video/phone calls up with their employees to have meetings/check in with their team. This can also help you feel like you’re in contact work colleagues and making them feel like they are actually ‘working’

Have you got any more tips? comment them below: