3 FREE livestream workouts you need to try during this pandemic!

Hi Guys,

Bit of a crappy time we are in at the moment isn’t it? Mentally and physically this is a hard time for all of us through this pandemic. I have rounded up 3 of my favourite livestreams which you can access for FREE, that i have been joining in with and loving.

Joe Wicks:

Joe Wicks is hosting a PE workout everyday, if you think PE is just for kids, think again, these workouts are hard! It’s amazing, i feel so good after it and literally love doing these. Monday-Friday at 9:30. He is also raising money for NHS, and has already raised £80,000, we are exercising but also raising money for our amazing frontline workers. You defiantly feel more motivated after this workout and i love doing it.


When i am not doing Joe wicks workout, i am also doing the RWL instagram live streams they have been doing. They offer a variety of classes and some are even pregnancy safe- which is incredible. I love the fact they are doing free livestreams so everyone can access these. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advance, there is always going to be a workout for you. The trainers who take the classes are so motivating and lovely throughout the classes. I have done these workouts for about 2 1/2 weeks and can feel not only my physical health but my mental health improving. I always take this quote away from which Cecilia said. There is a mixture of classes and they always update their instagram with the times and classes. These take place everyday at different times. The schedule for this week is below: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-kjpxZpH1v/

I always take this quote away from which Cecilia said

We’re doing it for sanity, not vanity’

Rio and Kate Ferdinand:

Football ace and ex-Towie star Rio&Kate have taken the opportunity to post content on their youtube page. They livestream every Sunday and Wednesday at 10pm. These workouts are great for people who are beginner or advanced, there is something in them for everyone. I love how you don’t need equipment- because not everyone has equipment at home, you are able to use beans/washing powder/tins/cans/water bottles as your weights and it is an amazing idea. I love how after the live you are able to watch it back if you want to do it again. There are 2 rounds so if you don’t want to do the second round and want to leave it for a bit, then you can come back to it!

These are my 3 top workouts i have been doing, what have you been up to during this?

I hope you all keep safe and healthy during this and please stay at home only go out for the essentials and your hour exercise!

Amy x

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