Daily Routine in lockdown/quarantine

Hi Guys,

Today I wanted to chat to my daily routine in quarantine. I feel like quite a lot of people either have their life together or don’t. I feel like i am the in between of sometimes i,m not productive and other days i am. Don’t feel guilty about this- we have never been through something like this and we don’t know how to plan for this new normal right now.

Daily routine:

I tend to wake up at around 9:00/9:30 at the moment, when i wake up, i always have some water on my bedside cabinet, so i make sure to drink that and then i am scrolling through social media (of course!) and catching up on group chat messages i have missed after i have gone to sleep.

I then decide it is time to get up and start the day, this tends to be around 10/10:30ish, depending on when i can be bothered oops. I have a shower just to wake myself up a bit and then change into some cosy clothes, cause no one will be seeing me anyway haha!

I then decide it is time form some brekkie and a cup of tea. Today, i decided to have some pancakes with fruit (which is one of my fave breakfasts). A bit of everything in there. Breakfast is usually accompanied by my Mum as my brother don’t tend to get out of bed until late, and we just talk about anything and everything really.

I then decide to do a workout, i have been loving the RWL workouts at the moment as they are doing free live stream workouts at the moment, today i just decided to do a MadFit dance workout, it may be 15 mins long, but jee it is hard!!!

I then go and write a blog post either for here or for my other blog (http://encorepopandinfluencer.wordpress.com) and this is where my productivity really starts and ends haha! I sit at the kitchen table or in my room planning content and replying to any emails for anything.

I then decide to have some lunch which today was salmon and cream cheese bagel which i love with some carrots, peppers and hummus on the side. I tend to have a scroll through social media too during this time!

After all of this me and my Mum tend to watch 4 in a bed, we are obsessed haha! and we just have some quality time together. After that, i tend to just have a read of my book or listen to some music.

I then have some dinner at around 6 which tonight was lasagna and garlic bread and we love eating as a family and just catching up on life stuff and other things just to have that real family time as a 3 over some dinner.

I then have my shower and just do my skin care, maybe wash my hair, and do all that pampering stuff which is nice to unwind too. After that, i will tend to watch youtube, in my subscriptions or read a book. I have began to facetime my friends/family mostly everyday to have a catchup- as this time is important to make sure everything is okay and just have a nice catch-up. It really helps you unwind from the day too!

Bedtime: Lights out, i tend to go bed at 12/12:30 at the moment.

What’s your daily routine in quarantine like? comment below!


8 thoughts on “Daily Routine in lockdown/quarantine

  1. Sumedha says:

    I wake up around the same time but I have my usual morning routine where I freshen up and take a shower. Then I finish breakfast right in time to start working for any internship at 11am which goes until 7pm. After that I take a break then blog/read/watch something. Right before I sleep around 12:30am I do stretches and leg exercises to tire a little which helps me sleep better 😊

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