Things you can do in lockdown:

With lock-down in full swing, the boredom is starting to kick in. Today’s blog post are some ideas what you can do whilst self isolating.

Tidy/organise: When we are busy, we sometimes forget to tidy and organise things, but i think now is the perfect time to tidy your bedroom maybe and organise some things that you have needed to organise/tidy for a while. I sorted my bedside table out the other day which is a ‘makeshift’ desk and i love it:

Prints: Desenio
Pen pot: tedbaker
Perfumes: Ted Baker
Chest of draws: Argos

Read: A perfect time to read, unwind and relax with a book. We are sometimes so busy, we forget to take some time off and read a book. I have found my Zoe Sugg Girl online book, so i have been re-reading that again!

Learn something new: Maybe learn a new hobby you have always wanted to do. Perhaps learn a musical instrument, learn a new language, new recipes etc.

Home workouts/go for a run/walk: Maybe do a couple of home workouts or our allowance in England is 1 hour outside workout, perhaps you could take in the lovely surroundings and fresh air by getting some workouts outside done.

Scrapbook: I love making a scrapbook, it always brings back memories i had forgotten about and i love having them in one place. It is creative and takes you away from all things digital.

Have a pamper day: Have a bath, do a face mask, do your hair, listen to a playlist/watch a movie, whatever makes you feel happy and refreshed.

Call or text friends/ family: Make sure to check in on others. I facetime my friends mostly everyday just to check in on them and have a laugh, it makes you feel like you are still connected to them.

Plan something for when lockdown is over – It’s good to have something to look forward to whether that is with family or friends or just by yourself.

Create a blog – It’s so fun and will keep you well occupied and you can plan and organise posts if that is your thing, your own little space.

Do a puzzle: Keep your mind clear of distractions by perhaps doing a puzzle, i love 1000 pieces.

What are you doing during lockdown?

Keep safe and well x


5 thoughts on “Things you can do in lockdown:

  1. Some good ideas. I think it’s good to plan for when this is over, to have an idea of what you want to do especially if you are thinking of making life changes. I know that my own way of doing things or at least thinking about things is going to change. I think I will be much more grateful.

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