My fave social media apps!

Hiya guys,

I wanted to share with you my top blogger/social media apps I use and LOVE!

Social media is what we use everyday, scrolling through in the morning and in the evening, is my weakness, just me?

Twitter: I love scrolling through Twitter and seeing what everyone is up too, I’m so nosy! I love twitter as you can promote the new blog post and look through the hashtags to meet bloggers as well, who can also help with your blog!

Instagram; instagram was one of my secondly used social media, but I am now obsessed with instagram. I love capturing my flatlays, quotes, what I’m doing during the day. Instagram stories are just brilliant and are instant. I always scroll through instagram to get inspiration for my feed, see what people are doing and also just capturing memories!

Pintrest; I never used to be a great lover of Pintrest but now I adore it. This is where most of my traffic comes from and you can just scroll through Pintrest to get inspiration weather that’s for your blog, room, food, everything. I even get inspiration for clothes on there! Come follow me

Vsco: I love VSCO and usually use VSCO for my insta, for brightening, setting the contrast and anything like that. It can go from a picture of darkness to a picture of brightness which I love, and I can really see the difference of the before and after. So, I love that for instagram!

Canva; if anyone is looking for thumbnails/headers/collages, canva is am excellent app for that. When i make my YouTube thumbnails and blogger thumbnails I always go over to canva. Some layouts you do have to pay for, but there are so many layouts for free, which I love. It makes it so easy to create anything!

Zoom: Right now, we can’t see our family and friends, which is hard, but zoom is amazing for group video calls to communicate with people.

Unfold: I love these for collages, templates and just anything really, it makes it look pretty.

WordPress; I now obviously use WordPress for my blog, and the app is so easy to use. On the go, I can see my followers, views and any other stats I want to see. It’s so good for accessibility and that is so important. If I have any ideas, I can just write them down in the app also!

Let me know what your fave apps are in the comments!!

Thank you for reading,

Amy x