Working from home desk essentials!

Hi guys,

I wanted to do a desk space blog post today as i feel when i am writing blog posts or editing videos, it helps me to feel more motivated when having these things. More people are now working from home so hopefully this helps!

Add some quotes: If you feel demotivated to do the things on your to do list, add some motivational quotes. Pick quotes that you like and will help you feel more motivated. I love the quote ‘It’s a bad day not a bad life, and if you are having a bad day, turn it into a good day by doing things you enjoy doing.’

Planner: Get a desk planner to help you with your to do list. Having a planner helps you know what you need to do as a priority. I always use a Sunday to write my plans down as it is just before a fresh week. You can even get cute ones from Poundland!

Bottle of water: If you are at your desk a lot of the time, then you need to stay hydrated. Having a big bottle of water will help you, so you don’t need to keep getting up and you may lose motivation.

Stationary: I love stationary, especially pretty ones. I have a makeup brush holder as i did get a new one, so i have put all my pens, pencils, rubbers in there. It’s always good to scribble down some important information.

Fragrance; I love a good fragrance. I always put some on during the day to feel fresh.

snacks: I for one can’t concentrate if i am hungry. As i am eating healthy now, i always tend to have a health bar near me so if i am feeling peckish i am able to just have a quick snack.

Candles; same as the fragrance one, having a nice candle burning can just freshen the room up a bit more. It can also make you feel more relaxed as well.

What are your desk essentials?

Amy x