How to Gain more followers on social media ORGANICALLY

Hi guys,

Once again, i have neglected my blog! Some crazy things have happened,

I have been made redundant due to this crazy time, but i have qualified to become a independent travel agent, which makes me so happy. I can book you your holidays either abroad or in the UK, so if you want a lil deal, let me know in the comments. I have been focussing a lot more on my youtube channel.

So now the kind of life update has happened, onto my proper blog post!

There’s a lot of questions out there like how can i gain more followers on my social media? Where do i start? What do i do?

I am not drowning in followers, but i do have followers over my social medias

Followers is cool yes, but what about the engagement, are your followers actually engaging on your posts?


Those social media accounts that provide consistent content and people on instagram who upload a new photo on a daily basis are more likely to gain a bigger following. Don’t put too much pressure onto yourself if you don’t want to, even i don’t at the best of times

Those blogs that provide consistent content and those Instagrammers who provide a new photo on a daily basis are more likely to gain a bigger following. Obviously don’t put so much pressure on yourself to do that, even I struggle to post something on Instagram on a daily basis. Also your blog only needs to be updated a couple of times a week, or even once a week. I’m one of those people who feels guilty when I don’t post a blog post. I like to keep on top of everything regarding my blog, it makes me feel good posting new content every week, plus I enjoy it. 


Again, people look through hashtags to look for inspo. I always use the hashtags for example #bloggerlife #instagood #quotes #instadaily #instamood #instalike #bloggerstyle #bloggerfashion #bloggersgetsocial #instamood #moodquotes #bloggerstyle #bloggersunder10k #lockdownlife #instagrambloggers #blogging #makeuplooks #styleblogger #instalike #discoverunder5k #hertshub #bloggerlove #instagramblogger #bloggerlife #lifestyle #bloggersuk #bloggerfashion #bloggersgetsocial #hertshub #lockdown2020 #hertfordshirebloggers #bloggersofinstagram 

these are the hashtags that are most used in the social media/blogging world, when people are looking for inspo, they can come across your page, think ooo i like that, then follow you!


Those pages who follow you on Instagram and claim they can gain you 10,000 followers, do not do this. People will know, the respect will be gone, you’ll get weird name followers, no pfp. It’s not worth the time or money. Organic followers= organic engagement.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are clever strategies to get new followers. You can instruct contest entrants to tag their friends and/or to follow your page. Your brand can get more visibility and your followers can win cool goodies in return. 

You can tell your brand’s personal story through Insta stories. Stories are more impactful than still images and they don’t crowd your followers’ feeds.

Keep engaged:

Make sure to engage in the comments. If someone comments, comment back. Maybe ask a question in the caption. On your blog posts finish the blog posts with how has your week been, something like that

On a daily basis, those blog sharing Twitter pages will tweet a tweet inviting you to share your newest blog posts for everyone to have a read and comment on. #bloggershutrt

Here are some accounts that do this:

.A brand could see your content and want to work with you and again drive traffic to your social media and blog.

Here are some ideas you can use to build your followers

How have you?

Stay safe,

Autumn Days

4 thoughts on “How to Gain more followers on social media ORGANICALLY

  1. whatmegmeans says:

    These were amazing tips!! I 100% agree about engagement, I think that’s the most important rule to growing on instagram. Sorry to hear about the redundancy. Meg xx

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