Acts of kindness in lockdown&supporting small businesses

Hi Guys,

We are still partly in lockdown, and i wanted to do an acts of kindness blog post. Communities are coming together, friends and family are doing things virtually, here is how you can show them some kindness and they know you are still thinking of them!

Make a playlist:

Make a playlist of the songs that remind you of them and the songs they love. I think this is really sweet, as on spotify you can add it to the playlist and share the link with your friend so they know you are thinking of them and what you’re looking forward to doing when you see them after locokdown.

Social distanced picnic:

Have a socially distanced picnic in the park or in your garden. This is a sweet way to catch up with them face to face and see eachother. Pack your favourite snacks/drinks in the picnic.

Support small businesses;

This is also important, why not cheer someone up by delivering them a little letter box treat or a sweet delivery. I mean who doesn’t love a delivery.

Small businesses i am loving:

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zoom calls:

This is the most popular one- hold a quiz, fancy dress, birthday party zoom call. These are super fun and you can talk to them, which is so lovely during this time,

video messages for peoples birthdays:

if there is someone you can’t see on their birthday, why don’t you get all their friends and their family involved, for them to record a birthday message, this is a super sweet thing to do and it’ll make their day!.

Shopping for elderly/shielded neighbours:

A lot of people are helping their neighbours during this time, which is lovely. Knock or maybe put a letter through their door asking if they need any groceries or things got for them, leave your contact details, so they are able to contact you, i think this is a lovely idea, and something we have also done during lockdown!

I hope this helps you during this crazy time,

Stay safe and well,

Aurella Script

2 thoughts on “Acts of kindness in lockdown&supporting small businesses

  1. whatmegmeans says:

    Amazing post! I’m loving the socially distanced picnic at the moment. Those chocolate bouquets look divine!! meg xx

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