How to smash that interview!!

After the last few months – a lot of people found themselves redundant (myself included!). Now as the world slowly returns to normal, it’s likely a lot of us will be looking for jobs or attending job interviews again.

Here are my top tips for your job interview:

Before the interview

Research: This is the first tip, as obviously, you want to work for this company so you will have to do your research about the company. Things like going through their website, if they have a social media page, any news articles just so you are able to understand the basics of the company. They will want you to know about goals, competitors, and objectives of what they are trying to achieve. When you are looking at their social media you are getting up to date information so you can point out something they have achieved, which is always a good starter in the conversation, which also shows you have done the research into the company.

Plan the outfit: Plan your outfit a couple of days before, so you have backup options if things don’t work out. It is also important that you turn up to the interview in something you feel comfortable in as you are nervous as it is, so when you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’s a bonus, but also dressing accordingly for the job you are going for. To my recent interview, i went smart business to reflect the job i was going for. I also wore flats as i didn’t want to fall over LOL! Also, the night before, lay your outfit out, so you aren’t trying to find it in your wardrobe on the day of the interview!

Travel: This is so important. How will you be getting to the interview? Are you confident on the route? As this can stress you out just before the interview. Where my interview was, i was lucky, as i had been to the town a lot of times, so i knew how to get there, it is a case of are the trains/buses running or are they delayed.

Good night sleep: This is important, so you feel refreshed when you wake up. Get plenty of sleep and set the alarm.

make sure you have plenty of time: I hate being late to places, i like to make sure i am there about 30 minutes before, even if i have to sit somewhere before i go in, to get a drink or something. Then i usually head in 5/10 minutes before the interview is due to start. Being late for the interview doesn’t give a good first impression either!

In the interview:

Smile: when it comes to wanting to smash that interview-you might want to smile. Just a bit. So don’t forget to offer a handshake, smile and be as friendly as you can!

WATER: So, in a lot of interviews, you are offered a drink. I used to say no because i was afraid of dropping it, because i tend to be quite clumsy! Now, i say yes, because i tend to get a dry mouth and it’s always a good idea to just have some water on standby.

achievements: These are important things, as this is what will show your confidence in expressing what you have achieved. be proud of what you have achieved.

Questions?: An interviewer at the end of the interview will give you a chance to ask any questions. If some questions haven’t been answered, i will ask some questions to show an interest, but if they’ve answered all the questions, you can just say ‘you have covered everything i need to know, but if i do think of anything, i will let you know, thank you.’ Shake their hand and just say thank you for your time.


They will give you a time that they will contact you regarding your interview. If you haven’t heard back from them, don’t be afraid to email them asking for some feedback about the interview and an update. if unfortunatly you didn’t get the job ask them why you didn’t get it and if there is something you could improve on in the future! Just be proud that you got through to the interview stage, as it is hard to get to the interview stage sometimes!

Treat yourself: Make sure to treat yourself with something relaxing- such as a bar of chocolate, a pamper night, shopping or a takeaway.

Good luck to anyone who has an interview coming up- you are amazing

Amy xx

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