Birthday Gift ideas

Hi Guys,

Here are some birthday gift ideas;

Disney+ subscription:

I don’t know about you, but i have been watching a lot of disney+ recently, if you know someone who loves disney and not yet purchased this, a subscription would be a cute idea, what else can we do to pass lockdown then watch a disney film/series!

100 piece photo jigsaw:

I saw this and thought it was a really cool idea to pass the time but also it would be sentimental. On this website you can personalise your favourite photo (maybe a photo of you both) and they can spend time putting the puzzle together!

Letterbox flowers:

I love flowers and Bloom&Wild do the best letterbox flowers, so you can still social distance! The flowers cost from £23, you can purchase them here


Get creative by making a scrapbook, maybe you have photos, old tickets and some memories of you together. Personalise a scrapbook, if you can’t be together, it would be nice to have a look through all your fave memories! (The book i found was only £3) here

Glossybox subscription:

Glossybox subscription starts from £8.50pm and it has all the best bits in it, all different and new every month. If they like trying new products/brands this would be the perfect gift. You can buy it here

2 gin glasses:

I love a pink gin and lemonade. I found these oliver bonas gin glasses which are beautiful and are only £20 for 2.This set of blush pink-hued gin goblets feature hand-etched and gold-foiled decoration, providing the perfect pop of colour and design to your cocktail hour. Buy them here

Pyjama subscription box:

Who else has practically been living in pyjamas, i have! When i came across this, i was like omg how cool, they do such nice pyjamas and i am in love. The box starts from £17 and it is such a good value! You can check it out here

RWL subscription:

Are they into fitness? I would recommend the Results, Wellness and lifestyle (Lucy Mecklengburgh), They have 24/7 workouts and you get a 7 day free trial. 1000+ workouts,recpipes and trackers. Check it out here


Chocolates are my fave. I love cadburys specifically and they actually do a Chocolate birthday bundle which is so cool, full of all the faves. It’s £30. Give it a check out here


Who doesn’t love a cake, cake is essential for a birthday. Colin the caterpillar is iconic for birthdays. This big one is £40. Here

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and it has helped you think of some ideas.

Keep safe,

Sometimes Regular

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