I have started a small business!

Hi guys,

Long time no see!!

I have been super busy over the last couple of weeks, starting up a small business. As most of you know, i got made redundant a couple of months ago and right now- is not the easiest of times to be getting employed.

I decided to create a small business that is affordable and relatable.

What do i offer?

At the moment i have 2 e-books (one to grow your business on instagram and one about mental health (my journey and my tips). These are currently £4.99

I also have a get sh*t done, downloadable and printable planner. These are planners with different designs and are 10 sheets all for £2.50.

I am currently working on more e-books and planners to post- as i think it is super fun, especially during this time, when i have nothing better to do and helping people!

Where can you buy and how can we purchase?

You can see my store here: https://payhip.com/amybx .

You can purchase with card or paypal- just to make things easier for you to purchase, the purchase will go straight into your inbox straight away!!!

So exciting and i hope you can support my small business!!!

Love always,

Amy xx

2 thoughts on “I have started a small business!

  1. Just So Kee says:

    Congrats! I started up a small business this year too 🙂 @JustSoPrinty . All the best for your business lovely! Wishing you a happy new year as well x

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