Blogging essentials

Hi Guys,

I wanted to do a blog post on all things equipment for blogging. I think blogging equipment is such a varied thing within the blogging world, but i am going to share with you what i use:

(all photos from unsplash)

Social media: Social media is so important to be able to get your blog out there, engage with other bloggers and find some blogging inspo. Having social media such as: facebook page, pintrest, twitter and instagram. Best part: free and easy to use! Being able to get your blog out to different types of people will get people engaged in your blog and find more bloggers!

Camera: So people tend to use their phones for taking blog photos, and that is all fine. I sometimes still use my phone when i am out and about as it is easier and can take a good photo. When i started my youtube channel i invested in a camera, so multi purpose, i also took blog photos with it also.

Editing Apps: Editing apps and software can make a photo so much better. The lighting, the focus, the kind of image you are trying to create. Personally, i love using VSCO as it has some amazing filters on there to play around with, it is free, but you can also pay some more money to get other filters. Pic Monkey again which is a good software to use, but can cost some money with the premium upgrade. I also love Canva, for making templates, widgets, featured images etc. You can pay for some more templates, but i find that the free templates are completely fine.

Notepad: I love using my notepad to jot some ideas down, write my blogging schedule down and this could be used for anything. If you want to write your goals down, deadlines, ideas etc, defiantly get a notebook to be able to plan your blog.

Laptop: So before i used to blog properly, i used to go on my phone on the app and write from there, it would take me ages sometimes. Having a laptop or computer just makes it that much faster to be able to blog. Also being able to add widgets or design your blog, you can’t do this on a smart phone, so investing in a laptop is important!

These are my 5 blogging equipment essentials that i use day to day!

What are the essentials that you use! Remember to leave your links below to blog and social media!


5 thoughts on “Blogging essentials

  1. aspoonfulofvanilla says:

    I love this post! I have all of these I think my most important is my computer or my notebooks. I would be lost without both.

  2. Shelly DS says:

    These are definitely essentials! I’ve tried blogging from my phone before and it just isn’t the same. Plus you can’t use a lot of the functions that the desktop version has! I see you’re also doing Blogmas. Good luck!

    Shelly DS |

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