Ideas for a Christmas Eve box -Blogmas Day 9

Hi Guys,

Welcome to Blogmas day 9, how quick is this month going! Only 16 days until the big day!

I thought i would do some ideas for a Christmas eve box! Hope they are helpful to you!


Candy cane print twosie

Pj’s are a good one to add to a Christmas eve box! I love the feeling of new Pj’s on Christmas eve, you feel so fresh and festive after putting on your new Pj’s

Fluffy socks:

I love me a good pair of fluffy socks! New Pj’s and fluffy socks, count me in! Keep your feet all cosy!

Christmas Chocolate:

How about throw in some chocolate coins or a Christmas themed chocolate item. This could go well, especially if you are going to be watching a film on Christmas eve!

Bath Bombs

white bath bomb with pink ribbon pattern on top

How cute, i love a bath on Christmas eve rather than a shower, it makes me fell all relaxed and refreshed before the big day! Bath bombs are a super cute Christmas box idea, as you can just have that feeling of a new Bath bomb!


I love getting new mugs. If you are planning to have a hot chocolate, maybe add a hot choc sachet and marshmallows into the mug too! Will be super cute and chilled out.

A bottle of their favourite drink:

image 1 of Tesco Italian Rose Blush 187Ml

Do you enjoy a bottle of alcohol, maybe add a small bottle of their favourite drink, so you can really settle down and enjoy the movie and the Christmas feeling!


I love a good pampering facemask, makes you all fresh whilst enjoying your bath or even after the bath!

What do you include in your Christmas Eve box?

Let me know!

Amy x

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