What Should YOU have on your desk to stay productive! *CUTE*

Hi guys,

We are back in lockdown (Yay!), this means a lot more people once again, will be working from home. I have some ideas which you could have on your desk to stay productive!


Everybody needs a planner in their life. Planners are a great way to know what you need to get done during the day. Cute planners look great on the desk and makes you want to write in them even more!


Stationary is a must Everytime i have some cute stationary it makes me want to be even more productive. I love some motivational stationary such as motivational quotes on sticky notes or on the pencils. I have found some cute stationary pieces:

Amazon– Sass and Belle






Katie Loxton


Anyone who knows me, knows i love quotes! When i look at quotes- i instantly feel motivated to get sh!t done!







File holders:

Important to put the files in. If things are everywhere, it doesn’t look organised and you can begin to lose important things




Laptop stand:

if you are always at your desk, posture is so important. I have found some laptop stands




Limitless flex


I hope these come in handy for your WFH desks!

Aerotis Calligraphy

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