5 Cosy Ideas to get a good night sleep

Hi Guys,

Today’s blog post, is how you can get cosy and have a good night’s sleep!

Adinda Melia

Reading helps you relax and come away from your phone. Having your phone always out, can make you feel less sleepy, because of the blue light. Reading also takes you away from ‘reality’ and can really make you relax before going to sleep

Adinda Melia

Fresh bedding is such a good feeling right? When the bedding has that fresh scent. In a recent Bedroom Poll by the National Sleep Foundation, more than three fourths of people said they are more excited to go to bed when they have fresh bedding!

Adinda Melia

Lighting candles can give you that more relaxed atmosphere that people crave for. It gives that sense of calm and can make you feel all cosy. I love the different scents of the candles, fresh or with a funky scent, they are my favourite candles to light.

Adinda Melia

Cosy Pj’s in the Winter are one of my favourite things to change into. Having that warm, fluffy material touch your skin, makes me instantly feel cosy. I love when i have got in, had a nice warm bath and put my Pj’s on. I can finally unwind from the day and get all nice and cosy. Pair that with fluffy socks- winner.

Adinda Melia

Having a nice bath, with a bath bomb makes me feel so cosy. Having it at a warm temperature with the bubbles, is such a good treat. I love to have a bath maybe with a glass of wine, a face mask on and maybe watching some youtube or netflix, that’s when i feel more relaxed.

Let me know down in the comments, what you do to get to cosy!


Adinda Melia

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