5 Amazing Blogs I Love Reading!

Whenever I stumble across a blog I love I’m always super excited to share it with you guys in one of these posts. I love reading blogs and always finding new blogs to read!

Click on the name to navigate your way to their blogs:

Here are 5 of my favourite Blogs

Allanis Regular

I love reading her blog posts! She really motivates me to get going and be as successful as herself. She blogs all things tips about making money and improving your finances, she also helps people with their blog and also how to monetise and navigate your way through life! Kayleigh also has a few e-books out, that can help with a variety of things! (Also a few discounts right now, to get your hands on)

Allanis Regular

I love reading Jenny’s blog! Jenny blogs all things tips on blogging, well-being and self growth, aimed to guide bloggers to grow and gain confidence in the industry. But you might also find a bit of beauty, travel and Disney from time to time too. Jenny has been blogging for 6 years, so her experience is amazing and can help others with their blogs also. Once again Jenny has a few e-books out that can help with your journey. Very affordable with what she offers also!

Allanis Regular

LOVE reading Rachel’s Blog. Rachel is a student nurse and when she is not busy working in the hospital, she blogs all things she loves and just chats. Rachel blogs a bit of everything; blogging tips, fashion beauty + her uni ventures. I love how she spends time dedicating herself to her course but also her blog. Her blog is so cute and lovely!

Allanis Regular

As mental health is so important to me, i love reading Soph’s blog posts. Soph doesn’t only speak mental health, but she speaks about university, blogging tips, social media tips, books and beauty. Her blog is all things random things, which i love to read. Soph has some really good blog posts, that i think most of you will enjoy!

Allanis Regular

I discovered Lauren’s blog a couple months back, from a twitter page called bloggers hut! Lauren is a creative and lifestyle blogger. I love reading her blog posts. Her blog posts about stationary and how to be productive, makes me feel like i can do anything haha! Lauren has a load of tips that you can get from her blog!

These are 5 of my favourite bloggers who i LOVE!

Go and show them some love,

See you soon x

Allanis Regular

4 thoughts on “5 Amazing Blogs I Love Reading!

  1. bournemouthgirl says:

    Thank you so much for including me in this list, you have included me in a list of some very talented and successful bloggers. Thank you for your lovely comments and I am so glad that you enjoy reading my blog.


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