5 organisation tips for ANYONE!

Mrs Saint Delafield Regular

I love lists and I’ve worked from a to-do list every single day for more or less the last 3 years. It is important for me to do a to do list. I tend to categorise my day, such as, looking through emails, writing down what needs to be done and then get on with them. I also make sure to do a deadline day if they have deadlines, general notes about what needs to be done. I then tick it off when it is completed. For my to do lists, i use trello.

Mrs Saint Delafield Regular

Scheduling your posts in advance is important to me. Being organised is already having your content scheduled out and you don’t have to wake up, think of a blog post and rush it all out. This is where my to do lists come in.

Mrs Saint Delafield Regular

One thing that’s really helped me stay organised as a freelancer is making sure to have a load of notebooks and planners. Having a personal events notebook/planner and freelance work planner/notebook, helps separate life and freelance work.

Mrs Saint Delafield Regular

Promoting your posts can take so much time and effort so I always schedule my tweets first thing in the morning for the entire day if it is a blog post day! This makes so much sense to do- as it isn’t time consuming when your posts are out there. I also schedule my pins on pintrest to promote on there also.

Mrs Saint Delafield Regular

Emails are deleted if they are no use to me. I hate having spam emails floating about or something i’m not interested in. It takes so much space up and i can’t see the emails that may be important to me, if the spam emails are all the way at the top.

I hope you find this post helpful- what do you do to stay on top of things?

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