8 Date ideas in lockdown (living together or apart)

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It’s currently Tuesday 30th March, so we have a bit of freedom! We are now allowed 6 people in the garden, which also means date ideas! Socially distancing of course!

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It was really hot today, but of course its the UK, so we don’t know when the weather will drop again. Outdoor cinema with some snacks, a blanket and your favourite movie on the projector is such a good date idea. Turning your patio or grass into an outdoor cinema, would be such a cute idea for a socially distant date.

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Again, outside with some food and some drinks. You can even go to the park to switch up the destination. This would be such a good idea when the sun is shining and just chatting about life. If you would rather go to the beach and lucky enough to be near a beach, you could go and have a picnic there, with the sea.

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If you are an active couple who loves doing sporty stuff, a bike ride would be a good idea, to get out. You could arrange to cycle around a local park!

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You could plan a virtual movie night if you are both too busy to meet up or live far away from each other. Netflix party is a good way to communicate and watch the film at the same time. You can even pause it and it’ll pause on the other person’s screen too, so you don’t need to miss anything.

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You could plan a night where you plan the same meal but be in separate kitchens. If you want to find recipes online, i would recommend as they do have some nice recipes. Then you can eat together via video call to make it seem like a proper date!

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If you live together, you can have a dance battle by seeing who is the better dancer out of the two of you. Karaoke is always so fun also, showing them singing skills also it is super fun to do with your partner. It can just relieve the stress of the day by moving and doing something light hearted.

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It’s hard to remember after-work drinks without a sense of nostalgia, but these cocktail masterclasses might just make for the cheapest (and tastiest) happy hour ever. You can find recipes;

You can do this virtually or together, having a nice cocktail making and tasting session is super fun!

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You don’t have to go to a restaurant to have a candlelit dinner. You can also enjoy it from the confines of your own home. All you need is the kitchen or dining room to yourself, candles (essential) and dinner (even more essential). But while it sounds fancy and like a lot of work, it really doesn’t need to be, with a particularly romantic millennial trend being a ‘candlelit takeaway or a dinner. You can even get dressed up and act like you are actually out for a proper dinner date.

What are some of your ideas?

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