Epilepsy- not just a seizure

Epilepsy is one of the most common serious neurological conditions in the world. It affects around 600,000 people in the UK. This means that almost 1 in 100 people in the UK have epilepsy.

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Epilepsy. Seizing on the floor and shaking. No, this is the stigma attached with epilepsy. There are tonnes of different seizures that occur, the main one being tonic clonic (which i have).

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I have already written about my epilepsy story here: https://amybellxo.wordpress.com/2017/10/13/i-have-epilepsy-day13/

I was even interviewed for my local news: https://www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk/news/hertfordshire-news/broxbourne-woman-watching-tv-next-4629620

It was purple day last week . this is a day where we raise awareness for epilepsy and show the different side effects of epilepsy.

Some people believe that epilepsy is just seizures, but it’s the effects of the seizures.

When i was 19, i had my driving license taken off me, only weeks after i had passed my driving test. Independence was totally gone. I was so excited at the prospect of passing my driving test. If your job requires you to drive or if you live in a place with poor transport links, this can be dramatically change your life in an instant.

Post-seizure you might have to deal with an injury that happened during the seizure. But also post-seizure you have to deal with the wooziness and fogginess that it leaves you with. This can last up to a few hours or even a whole day. I tend to get a really bad migraine after a seizure. You wake up feeling so confused about what has just happened.

The anti-epileptic medications have to be very powerful to prevent seizures. But so are the side effects. Not only can they cause cognitive difficulties , but they can also cause drowsiness, insomnia and even mental health problems being the main one.

Your life becomes a little unpredictable (but not in a good way). Some people come to understand what the triggers for their seizures are – it can be anything from excessive heat, loud noises and strobe lighting to drugs, alcohol, stress, interactions with other medications taken for different conditions as well as changing anti-epileptic medications because the current ones aren’t working. However, it can be difficult to manage your life so that you don’t encounter your personal trigger. And other people do not know what their triggers are and reflecting afterwards as to why a seizure happens. Trying to manage triggers or being anxious about the possibility of having a seizure is not a pleasant way to live life.

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Epilepsy first aid should be taught in schools i believe- just like normal first aid is taught! If you see someone having a seizure;

So, epilepsy isn’t just seizures. It’s the after effects of the seizures- of losing your independence.

If you want to donate to any epilepsy charities, i would definitely sponsor to the charities that mean a lot to me and have helped me through my journey!



If you need anyone to talk too these 2 charities are amazing and of course my dm’s are always open!