5 Small businesses to support in lockdown

Small businesses deserve so much more praise that they deserve. I have made a list of what small businesses you should buy from to support them in lockdown;

Nude At Nine;

I’ve always been interested in starting my own brand, so I thought why not now? I like nude colours, and knew I wanted a brand which mainly has this colour palette. Whilst drifting to sleep one night, I thought to myself “NUDE AT NINE! That’s it!” and I’ve been obsessed with the name ever since. I want everyone to be able to wear my pieces with pride and I want to give comfort to all. Thank you for shopping with my brand, I really appreciate each purchase and cannot wait to share the future of Nude At Nine with you all.

Nude At Nine was created by Megan Roberts, who’s aim is to create unique and easeful pieces for everyone, everywhere. The idea first came about when Megan was thinking about what she likes to wear, and how annoying it can be when you find a stunning item in a shop, for it to be ruined by a huge slogan! Nude At Nine aims to provide quality items for everyday wear – and we hope you love them as much as we do.

The Nude at nine label is such an affordable price and is a really aesthetic brand.

Katie Jane’s cakes;

Katie is a girl i once went to school with and she is so talented. I ordered my Mum’s 50th birthday cupcakes from her and i really enjoyed the design, packaging and of course the taste of the cupcakes. Katie’s cakes are well priced also which is amazing.

Occasion Cakes, Cupcakes, Biscuits, Brownies, Pizza Style Cakes & Tray Bakes. Any flavour, any colour, any size!!!Delivery available Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Waltham Abbey & Enfield.

Royal sweet mix;

Welcome to Royal Sweet Mix, we are your one stop online shop for Pick & Mix sweets, retro sweets and all of your favourite traditional sweets. We love sweets and we love offering a great range, some of our most popular products include our gift box hampers, sweet pouches and sweet jars.

Royal Sweet Mix was born out of childhood love for sweets. Getting pocket money from doing chores around the house or a getting treated from family members, we always knew what that money was getting spent on. Going down to your local corner shop and splurging on all you can with the limited amount of money you have for sweets! 

They are such a good value for the sweets- the cheapest being 5p, just like them corner shops sweets you used to get when you were younger.

Jumbo Pick ‘N’ Mix (Pick Your Own Mix) 1KG Sale price£7.99

Rocca Rose;

We take the time to concentrate on all the small details even down to our packaging to make sure things are extra special.

I am a Mum of two beautiful children and when it came to choosing a name for the business I wanted to use something that meant something to me, so “Rocca Rose” made sense as that is their middle names.

I sell handmade (by myself) earrings and accessories, I have such a love for both and am loving being able to create some really unique and funky pieces

Rocca Rose offers jewellery and other accessories at affordable prices using vegan friendly fabric such as faux leather and suedette.

Perfect gifting for family or to show yourself some love.

How pretty is the jewellery? She has all of the prettiest colours and the jewellery everyone is loving at the moment! super on trend!

C’est Bon Boxes:

Creating thoughtful boxes for all occasions! Pre made or made to order just get in touch.

A small, thoughtful and friendly business here to help you with the perfect gift box, for anyone and everyone.

Pick me up pamper, Happy Birthday, sending a hug, I miss you, Valentines day, Thank you, Bestie Box, Mothers day AND LOADS MORE!

There are pre-made boxes or build your own box, for an affordable price. The packaging looks beautiful and the products inside.

Have you got a small business you would like to get out there?

Leave it in the comments below!

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