Tips to avoid the greasy hair situation!!

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all well!!!

I wanted to do a blog post on my tips on how to avoid greasy hair! Who else hates the thought of hair washing day? I love how it feels after, but i find it such a chore, so let me show you some of my tricks on how i avoid greasy hair!

Dry shampoo: Everyone’s life saviour!!! I love the Batiste products as i think they’re so good and the smell is amazing! I use the cherry fragrance, but i adore all the fragrances. All you have to do is spray, massage it into your hair, brush it through, and done! It also looks pretty on your dressing table so why not? What also i love is the fact they do little bottles, so you can just put it into your bag.

Shampoo before water: I never realised this worked until i tried it. My hairdresser recommended it- and i was like such a good idea! If you just put the shampoo on the dry hair, leave it to settle and then rinse it off, it will make it less greasier! I use the Tresemme colour revitalize shampoo which i love:

Not washing it as much: Train your hair to maybe twice-three times a week washing your hair. Apparently it is much better to avoid greasiness in the hair.

Touching your hair: Who does this? I find when i am bored, i just touch my hair ALL of the time. Try not to touch it- as the oils from your hands are being put onto your hair which can make it more greasy.

not a lot of conditoner: So, i used to use so much conditioner, but when doing it on the ends, and not doing it on the roots, it makes it less greasy, as there are so much oils in conditioner but also it weighs the hair down so?

Put your hair up: If you are due a hair wash, then bung the hair up, and it distracts it from looking greasy. As it is tied back, noone will even know! Win-win!

I hope this helps you!!!

Let me know of any other tips you may have!!

Amy x

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