May and turning 18 in June!

Hiya Guys,
How is it May already?? it feels like 5 minutes ago that it was Christmas. I have a lot planned for May so that will go quick! I have soccer six on the 31st and a few other events I May! I turn 18 in June and I am so so excited! I have a few things planned for my 18th and it’s going to be going for around 2 weeks haha! The first weekend I have my driving lesson planned as a present from My Mum&Dad for my 18th then I am going for a meal with my friends and the ice bar In London. The week after my 18th my friend Lydia is coming down, who was in an old blog post in November! We’re going to SugarHut (Towie) and we are planning some more stuff for  a nice girly weekend as her birthday is the day after mine. I have bought a few presents for her already and I love buying people present’s, so hopefully she likes her presents as an 18th is a  BIG birthday to celebrate!

How to celebrate your 18th in style:

Get ya Girls round and have a girly night out- London have a few hotspots to eat and have an amazing time weather it is partying or just a meal!
Have a girly night in: Maybe having a spa night in and having some goodies and a takeaway with a few DVD’S

Pick something nice to wear: Spoil yourself a bit and go all out for your 18th! You only turn 18 once, maybe you have an eye on a dress or some jewellery, go all out and buy it! Rock it at your 18th

Heres a few tips I like to live by!

Have an amazing bank holiday weekend and ill see you soon for another blog Post!

Amy xxx

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