What do you mean?

Hiya m’lovelies,

So chase Blake aka (Benji) from benj and benji, has released a new cover! This is a remix of the Justin Bieber hit, what do you mean? Lots of fans joined chase on the countdown of what do you mean and made posters, signs and collages of the countdown! So if you are wondering what to listen to or you want a change of songs, check out the what do you mean Remix! Chase has worked so hard on this cover and I absoloutly love the cover. What an amazing song to do your own spin on!

If you want to check out the remix I will leave the links below and also leave Hes twitter so you can go and follow that!   A hashtag is being used on Twitter #WDYMC so if you have listened to the song, get behind on the hashtag and tweet your pictures in!!

As I have said I love this remix and I hope you do also


Amy x



TWITTER; @ChaseBlake01

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