Girl stocking fillers! 5 items! #BlogmasDay21

Heya guys,
I wanted to do a girl version of stocking fillers! a lot of people have stocking fillers and i just wanted to give you 5 ideas, of what you can buy as a stocking filler!

→Liz Earle skin care: Every girl loves looking after their skin, and this present is only £8, and perfect for anyone who loves to look after their skin. this set comes with a treatment mask and a intensive nourishing treatment mask! A perfect stocking filler!

→Hotel Chocolat salted caramel chocolate puddles: Who doesn’t like chocolate? This will be such a lovely stocking filler. You get a cute little bow on top of the bag of chocolate, and it looks really nice. This is only £4.50

→Great British Bakeoff At home book: If the girl in your life, loves to bake or cook, this would be the perfect stocking filler! I love baking, doesn’t mean i’m good at it, and this has easy to follow recipes in the book. You get over 100 recipes in the book! £10!

→Makeup bag: For the makeup lovers, why not get them a makeup bag? No makeup bag is ever too full! I love this one from Barry M, as they have amazing colours! An ideal way to carry their makeup in, and easily wipeable with the type of fabric This is £6.99—Cosmetic-Bag—I%27M-Full-Said-No-Make-Up-Bag-Ever/p/677602

→Pyjamas: Who doesn’t like to wear pyjamas and get all snuggly in the winter time. I have found these gorgeous ones in a grey colour from asos. these are £24!

Happy Blogmas

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