How i found blogtober! #BlogtoberDay31

Helloooo&welcome to Blogtober Day 31! The last blogtober of 2017!
I can’t believe my first ever blogtober is now over, i never thought i would be able to achieve 31 days of blogging!

-Plan: As i already had planned out my blogtober posts and what i was going to write about, this really helped me. I loved being able to write blog posts and be able to upload every day! I am super proud of how well i had planned for this!

-Engagement: My engagement on social media such as my followers and readers were going up. I loved people commenting on my blog posts and retweeting my blog tweets, this really helped my engagement in the blogging world.

-Opportunities: The opportunities i have been given has been amazing. The companies have decided to contact me asking me to review some of their products.

-Creativity: i loved being able to create content everyday that i wanted to create. I loved using my creative mind, to upload every single day!

-Decisions: I have decided to do blogmas! eeeeek! I am super excited to do blogmas, as i love reading and watching people’s blogmas, and also i love Christmas. I done Blogmas last year, and i really loved doing it. So, doing blogtober and blogmas this year is going to be exciting!

-pushed myself: I loved pushing myself in areas i never usually did. I discussed some things in my life that i have never discussed before. I done more tags so you guys got to know me!

I loved doing blogtober and i can’t wait for 2018, to do it all over again!

Amy x

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