Father’s Day pressies! #AD

Hello everyone,
 I hope you are well. On my Birthday, it was Father’s Day, and even though i was getting a cake, i thought my Dad should have one as well.

As you may know if you are a reader of my blog, i have worked alongside bakerdays for a while now, and i love their cakes. If you are looking for any cakes, i would highly recommend using BakerDays. They have the best cakes if i do say so myself. 

I went for the fathers day full photo cake. Linked here: cakeand i went for the rich chocolate chip as i know how much my Dad loves chocolate. To also make it more personalised, i wanted to add a photo of him, so this is why i chose the photo cake. 

When you get the cake, you can choose a letter box cake which is their smallest or their large cake! I love the letter box ones, as you know even if you are out, it is able to fit through your letter box. 

This is the box it came in, and it was the perfect size!

It also came in this cake tin, which i love. I always keep the cake tins as i find it useful if i am also baking a cake. It is perfect! The quote also sums up the cake perfectly!

This is the cake i went for It has mine and my Brother’s name on it, with a picture of my Dad doing his Dad dancing haha!

If you are looking for a party cake or you just want to treat yourself to a cake, defiantly check out bakerdays: https://www.bakerdays.com/

Thank you so much for bakerdays for sponsoring this blog post, but all opinions are my own as always!

Amy x

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