Hi Guys,

Today i wanted to do a blogtober post idea blog post. If you have already started planning your blogtober posts then woo, but if not, here are some post ideas you may be able to write about.

I am unsure wether to do blogtober every day, or just weekly as i don’t know how busy i will be during full time working, but i will try my best to get one up everyday!!

  1. Intro: Introduce blogtober, give your readers an understanding of what Blogtober is and what content they can get expect from you during October.

2. Blogtober/Autumn/Halloween tags: There are a few of these tags flying around, so you can choose what tags you can do, to give your readers an insight into what your favourite things about these are.

3. Favourite recipes: if you like baking/cooking Autumnal/Halloween things, then give your readers a recipe that you love creating.

4. Halloween dressup ideas: if you are heading for a halloween party or have been too one, give your readers some ideas about what they could dress up as.

5. Recreate/create a halloween look: Recreate or create a look that your readers could recreate!

6. Cosy night routine: have you got a cosy evening routine that you want to share, share with pictures or just words!

7. morning routine: What is your morning routine in the Autumn.

8. fave bath bombs: All the halloween bath bombs etc will be out soon, what are your favourites to buy?

9. Plan a party: Are you planning a halloween party, what should you include and how to decorate, what drinks etc.

10: Favourite autumnal makeup: what is your favourite makeup products to wear in the Autumn.

11. Favourite halloween movies: what halloween movies do you love to watch?

12. host a giveaway:

13. Autumn wardrobe: How do you plan for Autumn and what are your essentials.

14. Autumn playlist: Share an Autumn Playlist

15. Best places to visit in Halloween: what are the best places/events to visit for Halloween.

16. New Autumn netflix series: what’s new out on netflix?

17. Self care tips in Autumn: how do you take time out for yourself.

18. Halloween traditions: do you have any halloween traditions?

19. guest bloggers: share some bloggers and get some bloggers to do a guest series.

20. round up blogtober: how did you find blogging every day?

I hope these tips helps you in some way!!

Let me know if you are doing blogtober- can’t wait to read some posts!!

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4 thoughts on “20 BLOGTOBER POST IDEAS ๐ŸŽƒ

  1. Kelly says:

    Although my blog is primarily about travel still got some great ideas from this post, things I hadnโ€™t even thought about doing a post for! Thanks so much!

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