Getting organised for 2020 with diaries and planners..

Hi Guys,

I am coming to you today with a new blog post on how to get organised with 2020 diaries and planners. I am such a hoarder of planners and diaries and thought i would share with you my favourite ones i have seen to get you organised for 2020:

Paperchase get things done:

This diary comes with a day to day overview to be able to plan your day in a timely way with the timetable. It also doesn’t let you forget to take some ‘me time’ with the time for me additional feature. It also has objectives and notes where you can add different objectives and notes for you to be able to stay motivated. It also has a best part of today where you are able to reflect on what you have done.



This is the Kikki-K 2020 diary- a bit more on the pricier side of £21, but it has everything you could possibly need in a diary! It has quotes in them for every month, it has goal setting pages, daily motivation, top priorities, weekly goals,dinner plan, gratitude etc. A very positive but planned out diary, that looks aesthetically pleasing too!!

Etsy: Desk Planner

I love a good desk planner, just something that will sit on my desk and i can look at all the time rather than take it away everywhere. i loved this one as it is clear but also has big boxes so i am able to plan more things. I like how spaced out it is too, so it is not all clumped together!

BusyB: 2020 diary:

I. Am. Obsessed. with the look of this diary. The cover is beautiful, my favourite pastel pink shade and it has the glittering text too. What else i love about it is the fact you can track your goals and spending habits, but also take a look back at 2019 goals, successes, lessons learnt, notes and memories, which is sweet. You can also make goals such as work, personal, health, habits, and it has a separate section where you are able to. And then of course the monthly layout like any normal other diaries! I love the look and simplicity of this diary! It is also only £7.99

I hope you find these helpful and you are able to plan out your 2020 in one of these beautiful diaries!!

Happy planning,

Amarula Personal Use Regular

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