COVID Vaccine (my personal experience)

I had my covid vaccine (Yay), i was in group 6 due to my epilepsy, and when i got the text message, i was ready to book my appointment so quick! I had it a week ago today.

I spoke about my experience with the vaccine on youtube and thought i would share it on here also.

Before i got in i was asked if i had any symptoms of covid and they took my temperature before i entered. You had to also use the hand sanatiser that was on offer. The next thing, was your name, date of birth and either first line of your address or the GP you are with.

She told me the side effects that was with astrazeneca vaccine (oxford). She also asked what arm i would like it in, i had it in my left, because i use my right arm. The nurse was talking to me and before i knew it, she had told me it was done. The nurse gave me the card you get and the paper with all of the side effects and a bit more about the astrazeneca vaccine.

Side effects

Side effects are common whatever you have done, or you won’t get any at all (lucky!). I had my vaccine at 3pm and i woke up at 6am, shivering so much. I was sweating but also shivering and i felt really sick with a headache. I was so tired, that i kept sleeping the whole day, it was like someone had taken all the energy out of me. The headache i had, felt like i had been drinking all day, it was that intense. On the Sunday i felt completely fine, after sleeping all day and having a good night sleep also.

My arm was sore and swollen for about 3 days and then the soreness subsided.

If you don’t want it- that’s completely up to you, but i wanted the vaccine to be protected from COVID. If you do change your mind, please cancel your appointment as someone else could have that appt!

If you have any q’s don’t hesitate to dm me about them.

I hope this has helped you!

2 thoughts on “COVID Vaccine (my personal experience)

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Hurrah – so glad you’ve had your first dose too! I posted on my blog recently about my experience as well as it’s can be helpful for those still waiting to get an idea of what to expect, and it’s interesting reading how experiences differ. Sounds like you had a rough time with the fever/chills and sickness, but thankfully it was short-lived. I just had extreme tiredness like someone was dragging my eyelids down a few hours after the jab for the rest of the day, then it lifted, but I had the Pfizer vaccine. Soreness in the arm about three days like you as well. It’s a small price to pay for some protection against a deadly virus, I just wish the second dose was at 21 days rather than 3 months! I hope yours gives you the best protection possible  ♥

    Caz xx

  2. Amy Bell says:

    Ah so glad you had your first date!!! It’s so weird that people get affected differently!! so glad you felt better after a couple of days!!!
    yes i know what u mean- and same with u! xx

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