My 18th

Hello guys,
It was my 18th birthday yesterday and I spent it with my family and got some really lovely presents. we went to TGI’s at about half 6 and I got my first legal drink WAHEEEY!
Disclaimer; I am not trying to brag in anyway shape or form I am very appreciative of my presents and I would like to thank anyone who got me a present/card

Mum&Dad; £200 towards my driving lessons, a running machine, Joey Essex new book and taking me to spain

Nan&Grandad; they have been Saving money in a bank account since I was little and has managed to save £890

Nan and grandad 2; £200 and a photo frame

Aunties; Gucci bracelet

Godmother; Pandora bracelet

Callum (Bestfriend) flowers, balloons, watch and necklace

Cousins; £50 and meal out

Layla; river island vouchers and champagne

I want to say a massive thank you, I love all my presents

I am going out on Saturday with the girls and really looking forward to it as we are carrying it on waheeeey!

Thank you
See you soon
Amy xxx

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