My 18th Meal

Hello guys
As some of you may know it was my 18th birthday on Wednesday, so I celebrated with a few friends also on the Saturday night. We got ready at mine and had a few drinks before we went out and it was so nice, all of us getting ready together. We went to the restaurant near to where I live Nonna’s kitchen, they do a few around! I know they do one in London and it is an Italian restaurant and they do the most amazing Italian food there is! I had garlic bread as my starter, margarita pizza and I didn’t have any desert as it was so filling. We had a couple of drinks there (I had Malibu and coke, vodka and coke and a shot(which tasted disgusting). After that the DJ started up the music, this was around 9/half 9 and the boys joined us on the dancefloor (A few of my college mates) and it was so nice to let my hair down and have a dance. The atmosphere was amazing and all the staff were lovely, also having a dance on the dance floor which was amazing. My friend had told our waiter it had been my 18th and the whole restaurant had began to sing happy birthday to me and bought a cake over which was so lovely of them!

I had an amazing night and it was so nice to have a night out with people that are amazing friends!

Me and my friend. My outfit is all from select, I love this outfit as it all looks summery and its got really nice detailing on the skirt. My watch is from Next.

Me, Jake and becky!

When we first got there!

Thank you to everyone that came! What a night I will always remember!
Amy x

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