Tips the night before results!

Hey Guys,
I know some of you are going to be picking up your GCSE results tomorrow! I remember how nervous i felt about this, but there is nothing you can change now. The marking has been done, the exam  has been done, all you can do, is just wait… But, here are a few tips to do the night before.. 

                                                  Image result for relax

💗Run yourself a bubble bath: This will completely relax you and you will feel refreshed. Try and watch some youtube videos in the bath, or if you want to completely relax, light some candles. 

💗 Take a short walk: If you don’t want to stay in the house, you can take a short walk to the shops, or around a river. This will make you relax, as you are focusing on other things around you. Put your eaarphones in, and just try to relax when walking around. 

💗 Make a girls night: The night before, you could get all your girls round for pizza, snacks, pamper and movie night. If you are all getting your GCSE results in the morning, this will make you feel more relaxed as you are around your friends. You could also walk into the school together, so you don’t feel as nervous. 

💗 Prepare: If you enjoy putting makeup on and a good outfit, plan your outfit and makeup the night before. As you are going to feel stressed in the morning, you may forget where you have left things, and you may not have any time. If you put your makeup and outfit out, you know where to go!

💗 Sleep: Get a good night sleep, so you don’t feel as if you are moody or overthinking. Getting a good nights sleep will make you feel energised in the morning, and make your brain more clearer. Try to not always look on social media the night before, as people may be going on about results day, and this may stress you out further! 

Good luck, 
Amy x
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