Supporting my friend’s

How have you all  been? I hope you enjoyed my blogmas as much as i loved writing them. I am super excited to have been blogging loads again and get a thrill from blogging. 

As a reader you may know one of my good friends Kieran. He has been in some past blog posts and he is honestly such a lil star. I first met Kieran 2 years ago (how time flies) and in 2018 it will be 3. I first met Kieran on younow and i never thought how important he would be in my life 2 years later. I have watched Kieran go from strength to strength in his personal and work life. I have seen Kieran go through some rough times and manage to keep the positivity and the mind set to keep on going. I have also seen him get places in uni, and for that i am super proud of him. What an angel and a real life friend to keep me inspired through everything. You have maintained my confidence and my own dreams and helped me to make them a reality. Kieran is launching his own youtube channel in 2018 and i am super excited as a friend and also a supporter. To see Kieran build up the confidence and momentum to be able to do this is amazing. Pleaseeeee subscribe here: where he will be vlogging and doing videos. I am so proud of you!!! Massive congrats lovely. 

Follow kieran on twitter here: itskieranrhodes and go aand show him support and some love!

Amy xx

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