What and who do i want to be? *future*

hi guys,
welcome back or welcome to a new blog post. 
I wanted to do this blog post as college is nearly ending (5 months) and i have been thinking about my future and who and what i want to be! be prepared for a rambly, chatty post ladies and gents!

So backtrack back to 16 year old Amy (i am now 20, it seems such a long time ago!), i was nervously awaiting my GCSE results that would dictate my future ultimately. I had to pick my path and if i wanted to go to college or sixth form. My results ultimately picked that for me, i didn’t  get one of the grades to get into sixth form, so college it was. I find it so much pressure from teachers to know what you want to be and what path you want to choose for your whole future at the age of 16. I chose college as a backup plan and to do childcare. I loved childcare and found it super interesting. many thoughts ran through my head as i walked out of my comfort zone and the place i studied for 5 years. Thinking about the kind of job i wanted to do for my whole life at the age of 16 was terrifying. So i wanted to do childcare, after 2 years of doing childcare, i found my passion was actually to help new mum’s and babies. I wanted to become a midwife. So 2016 was the year i signed up to do my level 2 health and social care course. Fast forward 2 years later, i am nearly finishing my level 3 course and able to become a maternity support assistant and make my way up the ladder to become a midwife. Uni i hear you say? Nope, i knew from day 1 i didn’t want to do uni, as i much preferred doing the job rather than sitting in classrooms when i could be getting hands-on experience. You see in the news all the time about midwives being needed, so i want to be using the qualifications i have and the experience i have to do just that. 

Fast forward to 2018 with school GCSE memories and results day at the back of my mind and a fresh plan in my head, thanks to college and my wonderful tutors, i know exactly what i want to do when i am done in June. College has been enjoyable as my course has been. After year 11, you are thrown into the deep end and the ‘adult world.’ You don’t know what to expect, but don’t worry, your future isn’t finished, you will find your own pathway. I know how competitive and exhausting midwifery is. I know the news stories about the NHS, but is this what i really want to do? 10000%, i believe the news stories, the hours will make it the best experience as this is what i actually want to do in the future. The 16 year old me picking up GCSE results, is not the person i am defined by today. Some things i am no longer interested in, i have new hobbies and new interests and a new outlook in life. 

Only the person who can decide your future is YOU! Whatever you want to do in life, don’t make limitations but make progress!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post,
See you soon, 
Ames x

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