Falling in love with fitness again!

Hi Guys,
so today i am going to be talking fitness. (Yes i know!)

So i know the cliche sounding ‘new year, new me’ phrase, but honestly i am loving 2018 already. I have so much planned, like my trip to Spain in July and my 21st in June! I wanted to start this post off with i got a distinction in sociology, i haven’t been to hardly any sociology lessons because of health reasons and i done it!!!!!

Anyway, fitness has never been a strong point with me. I discovered Lucy’s fitness youtube channel through Anna Saccone about 1 1/2 years ago now. I used to be so dedicated and would do the workouts everyday. When my health got low and my life got hectic, i stopped doing them as much as i just didn’t have the time, or truthfully i got lazy! 2017 I joined Slimming world, and yes, i enjoyed it. I felt too much pressure though from going to slimming world again every week and making sure the scales had the – sign next to it. It defiantly worked but i got stricter with my diet, meaning that i was hardly eating any carbs, fats and sugars, which didn’t work out with  my health as good as it should’ve been doing. I recently re-discovered Lucy’s workouts again after Christmas. Luckily for me, this is the month she uploads every day her HIIT workouts. These HIIT workouts range from 10-20 minutes per day and they are amazing. They tone every muscle in your body such as legs, abs and bootyyyy! I want to tone my bum, thighs and abs again, and i remembered that when i used to do these exercises everyday, it did accomplish this! They are so enjoyable and they don’t become boring as she tends to do different exercises. If i don’t want to do a HIIT workout, i will find a video that just focuses on one muscle group. I have also started eating healthier, to become a better and healthier version of myself. 

I want to carry on this in 2018 and maybe update you guys every month so you can see how i am getting on with the workouts. Lucy’s channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCag7XoiJLutjBTsM0tAzUzg her channel is for beginners and also if you are a oldie to working out. On the left hand side, it is the side where it’s easier to do, but on the right hand side, it’s the harder way. It is a good balance, and in between the workout i do tend to switch about. A HIIT workout is fab as you can still be burning the calories off hours after. I love it!

If you want to see more transformation stories because of lucy, her twitter is: LucyWyndhamRead

Thanks Lucy for making me fall in love with fitness again!

Amy xx

social medias: twitter: amy_bellxx
insta: amylaurenbellx

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