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Let’s create a flawless face!

Hello guys,

I wanted to do a blog post on creating a flawless face! I love to do my makeup with a flawless finish, as it looks put together and i love it!

Let’s prep: I never used to prep my skin lol, but we’re not all perfect xo. I prep my skin with the simple moisturiser as my skin is sensitive, so this is the perfect one for me!It helps with the dryness and rehydrates the skin before putting your makeup on. A primer is so good, i love the maybelline baby face primer as it smoothes the skin out!


foundation:  a good foundation with coverage is amazing. This helps create the flawless base. I love using a beauty blender as it doesn’t cause the uneven lines as we don’t want that, am i right boys and gals. I like to blend this in lightly and if i feel i need more coverage, then i will add another layer to it. As soon as you put lots of layers on at once, it will become a cakey mess, and noone wants that.

Concealer: I love a good concealer as it really evens the skin out and makes the foundation and concealer blend together. Once again i use my blender to make sure i can blend it in properly.

Set the makeup: When you don’t set the makeup with powder, it will look cakey and the makeup will just drop after a couple of hours. The powder just sets the makeup and removes the oily look. Also by using a fixing spray (The rimmel one is my fave, insta fix and go!), will help lock that makeup in place.

Bronze and glow: i love bronzing my face, to give that natural glow. You don’t want something too dark, as this will just leave you with obvious lines and we want a flawless base! I love just looking like i have come off holiday. I also can’t finish my makeup off with the highlighted look, as with the pop of highlight this will help you look glowy and flawless. I personally like to apply my highlight with a fan brush, as it even the highlighter out and just fans it out where you want it.

Pop of blush: i LOVE to use a pop of blush on the apples of my cheek, to blend the makeup all together, and to give me a healthy rosy look. This really leaves it for the flawless base, as i love it! I like to use a natural blush as well.

That is how i like to do my flawless base!

How do you complete this look?


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