What it was like to have MILD coronavirus

Hi Guys,

I have been quiet over the past couple of weeks- i have been focussing on my blog for influencers, celebrities and musicians where you can read here: http://encorepopandinfluencer.wordpress.com

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you would know that i had mild coronavirus a few weeks back. I was one of the lucky ones who only got it mild and didn’t need any hospital trips etc, only a phone call to 111 when i had persistent symptoms.

So with mild corona virus i had these symptoms starting on Thursday evening. I was very achey and just thought it was where i had exercised that week and done some harder workouts than usual- but this was a different ache as in i was very wobbly and just had to sit down all the time as my body was shaking.

I didn’t have the cough or the breathlessness luckily, as this is more of a emergency if this is happening.

That night, i thought i’d better take my temperature as i was boiling hot to touch, but i was freezing and couldn’t stop shaking. (My temperature was 39.4 for one day and then each day went down to just a mild fever, and then took around 3 days for the temperature to go down). I had a headache every day for around 3/4 days and was very tired, i was napping majority of the day.

Then came the taste… I couldn’t taste my food, everything tasted plain and i didn’t have much of an appetite either, i would probably have a couple of spoonfuls of something and feel full, not me at all, as my appetite is very big!

My brother zoomed in on me napping (thanks), but i have attached some images so you can see it ‘visually’ in a way.

It took it out of me for a while and it took about 6 days before i felt ‘well’ again, 2 weeks to feel more awake in a sense. I did end up going on the internet 111 questionnaire they have (which i will leave linked below) and filled out my symptoms and they called me back within 10 minutes. This wason the second day of symptoms (but i did self isolate as soon as i got the symptoms). He didn’t test me, but he did say it was symptoms of mild coronavirus and to tell my household they have to self isolate for 2 weeks and for me 7 days unless i didn’t feel well still. He also did say that to call back if my symptoms worsen.

I wanted to write this blog post to show the importance of staying at home, again, i was lucky to just have mild, but if you have mild symptoms stay home, only go out for essentials/if you’re a key worker/1 hour exercise a day. It is so important to do this.

To all our keyworkers: Thank you, you are doing an incredible job and we’re very thankful that you are risking yours and your families life for people who need help.

NHS website: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/check-if-you-have-coronavirus-symptoms/



Keep safe and well,

Amy x

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